CASE HISTORY: Vendor “That’s why I chose Baxter Estates…” – How to grab a Listing worth 685k from your competition!

BY  Mauro Di Porzio, co-founder of 3D to Sell


[CASE STUDY: How a Vendor in Sandyford decided to appoint Baxter Estates to Sell a 685k house]


A couple of weeks ago I was in Sandyford to do a 3D Tour for a superb 5 bedroomed family home, for sale by one of our Clients, Baxter Estates. It was a Saturday morning, the only time of the week in which the owner, a lovely French lady with a slight south Dublin accent, was available to let me in the house.


I don’t get a chance to speak directly with vendors very often, as I mostly meet up at the property with Estate Agents. But when it happens, like on this occasion, I have the pleasure to chat with them and listen to their stories.


I am Italian myself and, as foreigners always do, we talked about how we got to Ireland and all those things that only “expats” can relate to:


  • How cold people are in Milan and Paris… How warm they are in Ireland…
  • How warm it is in Milan and Paris… how cold it is in Ireland!


Amongst other things, the lady told me she had been living in Sandyford for a long time. The house was the place where she had made roots and raised her French/Irish family, but it was now time to relocate to some other area in Dublin.


There was a really warm and cosy feeling all around.
It was clear from the first step in the door that she really cared for that place:
the family home that she and her husband were now about to sell.


She made every possible effort to make sure everything was in the right place so that the 3D Tour could give justice to her home. At first, I thought she had been working so hard simply to make sure that potential buyers, when walking through the property “online”, could see it at its best. However, I realised there was another cause for all that strive as soon as she asked me…


“What’s going to happen to the 3D Tour once the house is sold? Will I be able to keep it?”


It became very clear to me that she was doing her best to make the house shine for a far more emotional reason: that place was HER home and she wanted to keep a nice memory of it. It was important for her to know if one day, wherever she’ll be, she’d be able to visit HER home once again using our 3D Tour, like if she was still there.


In that very same moment, I realised that I was talking to a “Seller” who I jokingly define as a “Sinner of Pride” in another post, in which I talk about the most common traits of Sellers and how Estate Agents can satisfy their needs to Win More Listings.


Therefore, as a Marketing person who strives to study the dynamics that lead to a successful Sale, I couldn’t resist any longer: I needed to know what “weight” had 3D Tours in her decision to appoint Baxter Estates for the sale of her home:


ME: “May I ask you how you ended up choosing Baxter Estates”

LADY: “I was talking with another agent before them but I liked the professionalism and approach Damien (Baxter) showed to us from the very beginning…”

ME: “Did you ever see anything like our 3D Tours before?”

LADY: “No, no, no. When Damien showed it to us we were so impressed. It really feels like you’re there!”

ME: “So, did that have anything to do with your final decision to go with Baxter Estates rather than the other agents?”

LADY: “Definitely so! As I said, we liked Damien from the very start but the fact that he would be presenting our property in such an amazing way it definitely made the deal.”




#1: The Vendor was shopping around: as soon as she found something that “wowed” her that was it, no more looking somewhere else. Would you turn your head to look at a Fiat Punto or a Ferrari? 

#2: The Vendor never mentioned costs, % commission, or anything of material value: The Estate Agent “cost” became a secondary aspect in her decision, as she saw MORE VALUE in what Baxter Estates was offering to her (more professionalism, a nicer approach, a far more impressive way to present her beloved home with a 3D Tour —> which translate into a perceived benefit of receiving a better service, selling with better results etc.)

#3: Am I saying that your Cost is irrelevant for Vendors then?

  • NO: it’s not irrelevant IF you are just like anyone else, you offer exactly the same service, you use the same words in your marketing approach, your “bold statement” is not bold at all. If that’s the way you present yourself to Vendors, then THEY WILL LOOK ONLY at “costs” in their decision process. And you know what? They are right. That’s exactly what you do too, every time you are buying something for yourself.
  • YES: it becomes irrelevant IF you do things differently, bring extra value to them, make them understand that your “cost” is not a liability, but an “investment” to get better results. If you manage to pass this message to prospect Vendors, then your service cannot be compared to your competitors’. And neither can your cost.




This Case Study confirms one thing that we, at 3D to Sell, keep saying to Estate Agents like you:


You need to do things differently from your competitors if you want to stand out from the crowd and be chosen by as many Clients as possible.

Differentiation is the only way to survive in competitive markets.

And the Irish Real Estate Services Sector – you know better – is a tough place to be for any Agent.



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