Confession Of A Seller: “Ab-Solution” For 7 Deadly Sins

Every man is a sinner. And so are Sellers.

Your job, as a Real Estate Agent, is to help them redeem from their 7 Deadly Sins. Every time you talk to them, they open up and confess their weaknesses to you: give them some advice and offer your ab-solution.

1. LUST: “It’s an emotion or feeling of intense desire in the body”
This is one of the most popular sins. Many Sellers love flirting around with different Estate Agencies. If they could, they would go with all of them at once. All that Sellers want is the pleasure that comes from an orgasmic Sale.


AB-SOLUTION: Give them a 3D Tour to satisfy their desire and be different to anyone else. 3D Tours generate emotions that will never be forgotten: exactly the type of pleasure that Lust Sellers are looking for. Do that, and you will be “the one” to merry and be faithful to. Happily ever after.



2. GLUTTONY: “ Over-indulgence and over-consumption of food,
drink, or wealth items”
Very common in investors with large portfolios. They are the ones who can’t stop getting more properties, even when they feel bloated. But the day will come when a diet is required to get that portfolio a bit slimmer and multiple properties will be cleared off the table. That’s when your blessed service will be most needed

AB-SOLUTION: Offer as many 3D Tours as required, HD Photos, Drone Videos, Floor Plans, tempt the Seller and fulfil their over-indulgence. Be the Real Estate that provides more of everything, the one that ticks all the boxes, the Agent that can get the best deals thanks to powerful Visual Contents. Glutton Sellers will choose you to avail of your “all you can eat” service and sin for the very last time, before selling for redemption.



3. PRIDE: “Viewed as a vice it is often known to be self-idolatry, sadistic contempt, vanity or vainglory”
Proud Sellers have a lot in common. They’re usually first-time homeowners who have been living in their property for a while and have memories and emotions stuck between those four walls. Pride particularly affects those owners who may be selling to relocate or upgrade to a bigger family home. These Sellers won’t give you any peace. They will want everything to be perfect, as they need to give justice to their very much loved property.

AB-SOLUTION: a 3D Tour is what is needed to put their hearth and soul at peace. Explain to the Proud Seller that you want their property to stand out from the crowd. Make them understand that you are the only one who’s able to show it in all its glory. Let them know that they are privileged: you offer the best services only for the best properties… And their pride will peacefully ease off as the sale goes through.



4. SLOTH: “A mind-state that gives rise to boredom and apathy”

Sloth sinners are the most difficult type of Sellers to deal with for an Agent. They seldom confess their sin and say very little words: in fact, they’re too bored even to be there with you. They tend to be emotionless and think you are just the same as everyone else (some times they can actually be right…). With them, even the best Agents can eventually get lost. The only way to shake Sloth Sellers up is a high voltage electro-shock.

AB-SOLUTION: Start bombarding them with information that they never heard before.
“Did you know that – with our 3D Tours – we receive from buyers 4 times the enquiries than anyone else? Did you know that stats say that buyers are 95% more likely to give us a call when they see a property advertised with a 3D Tour? Did you know that 3D Tours are the best tool to engage with distant investors? Did you know.. Did you know… Did you know…”.

Sloth Sellers will miraculously resuscitate from their blank state of mind. And, just for one split second (that’s all you need to get that mandate signed), they will show a happy grin on their face.



5. WRATH: “Uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger”
Wrath is the typical sin of homeowners who had bad experiences with Estate Agencies in the past. Everything you say will be wrong and they’ll be eager to yell at you, if you give them the chance. But a good confessor is a good listener: in fact, an angry client can be turned into the most loyal one, if you master the art of dealing with objections and offer exceptional customer service.

AB-SOLUTION: make the Wrathful Seller understand that top technology is not the only thing you can put on the plate. Invite him for a promotional event with other satisfied Sellers, make him speak to them and get reassured. Liberate him from his fears. Make use of the occasion to show everyone how 3D Tours can be experienced in Virtual Reality mode, through futuristic VR Goggles, while offering them a warm cup of tea. Wow them all, raise your brand awareness and turn your (once) Angry Seller into a word-of-mouth promotional machine.



6. GREED: “An artificial, rapacious desire and pursuit of material possessions,
particularly money”

A Greedy Seller only cares about money. Similarly to how Lust Sinners behave, he will shop around as much as possible, in an attempt to negotiate on every single penny. But, unlike them, he’s also emotionless, which makes him even tougher to deal with. He will never repent and the only words you will hear from him, are:

“How much do you cost? How much will I get?”.

Most Real Estate Agents find Greedy Sellers unbreakable. That’s the reason why the mythological “Battle of the Price” has been going on since the beginning of time…. The legend say that, in an attempt to win listings from Greedy Sellers, some Agents give away free Valuations… some others even absorb Advertising Fees… someone swore he saw an agency charging 0.5% commission (all included!) and effectively work with no margins…

AB-SOLUTION: There is only one thing that can stop Greed: getting it satisfied. How?
When you speak to a Greedy Seller, leave the (price) battle field where all your competitors are killing each other, and use the supernatural powers that make you so unique:

“How much do we cost? This is really not relevant. The important thing is how much more you are going to earn, if you choose us for selling your house…”

Show your Greedy Seller your arsenal of mighty weapons. Let him understand that your Visual Contents, your Sales Strategies, your Innovative spirit, will bring more offers for his property. Receiving those extra bids will quench his thirst for money: and your pricing will become just a small print on the contract.



7. ENVY: “It’s an emotion which occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it”.
Envy is by far the most popular of all Deadly Sins. Who without (this) sin, cast the first stone. And envious are Estate Agents as well… This overwhelming emotion rises particularly when losing a Listing to “your man” next door, often just blamed of unfair competition (confess, you did it too!). Envy has the poisoning power to blur one’s eyes, making difficult to see that someone was better than us.

Of course, Sellers are not immune to this ineradicable sin either. But before helping them, it’s now time to redeem yourself once for all.

AB-SOLUTION (for the Estate Agent): Now that you helped many Sellers do penance, get rid of your greatest sin: battle your own Envy.

We can help you with it.

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