CASE HISTORY: Listen to A Conversation Between An Estate Agent We Work With And A Potential Buyer…

Last December we scanned a lovely 2 bed apartment in Malahide, for one of the Estate Agencies we recently started to work with.

A couple of days ago we were talking to them about some Marketing actions that would enhance even more the power of the 3D Tour. While chatting away, we asked what was their first impression since they started using our incredible technology…


They were enthusiastic about 3D Tours and how they are making an impact on their Clients satisfaction. And they confirmed, mentioning as an example a particular phone call they had received, that the number of enquiries from qualified buyers are dramatically increasing.
Read here below a short extract of the phone conversation that happened between the agent (thanks Jill for sharing this with us!) and one of their prospective buyers…



Buyer: “Hello, I am calling in relation to one of your apartments in Malahide”

Agent: “Hello, thanks for your call. What apartment are you interested in? The 2 bed first floor, the 3 bed groundfloor (..) ?”

Buyer: “I am interested in the one that features the 3D Tour, that one only. It looks like exactly what I am looking for”.



A research from Mixpanel Analytics and Inman shows that buyers are 95% more likely to call an agent when a listing includes our 3D Tours! Agents can expect to receive up to +403% of Enquiries because of 3D Tours.



74% of Agents (survey Aug ’16) state they win more Listings since they started using our 3D Tours.



More Enquiries ==> More Bids ==> Real Benefit and Value to Sellers ==>  More Listings for Estate Agent


Do you want to start Winning More Listings too?


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